Working in VR with Immersed — Week 1

Adam Presley
7 min readJan 10, 2022
Photo by Hammer & Tusk on Unsplash

I got an Oculus Quest 2, the Virtual Reality (or VR) headset, for Christmas. I wanted one for three reasons.

  1. Video games
  2. Fitness “games”
  3. VR workspaces

Let me start by saying that I’m loving this thing. The games are fun, the fitness makes exercise more manageable, especially for someone like me who doesn’t get a whole lot of exercise to begin with! There there is working in VR. Let’s dive into that experience.

To begin I’d like to talk about why I’m trying to bring my daily work into VR, and what I’ve enjoyed about it so far. By day I am a software engineer. I write code. Although being head down with a code editor isn’t all there is to the job, it’s a big part of it, and a lot of times uninterrupted focus is needed to solve tough problems.

Like many folks I work 100% remote, and at times achieving focus can be difficult. VR workspace tools like the one I’ll be talking about here, Immersed, claim to improve productivity through improved focus.

Writing this article in a virtual reality cave.
Working on this article in a virtual reality cave

To begin I installed Immersed per the instructions on their site. This process is pretty painless. Install the agent on…



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