This certainly seems like an interesting library. One of my biggest complaints with the JavaScript ecosystem for the last few years has been the ever changing, rarely backward compatible “right ways” to make JS apps. One moment AngularJS is the best way. Then I look up and “Angular” is hot, and completely incompatible with “AngularJS”. Then… React, Vue, Svelte… In all of this I kept missing the simplicity of building a web app by changing code, then refreshing the browser! All of these ways kept adding on new build system requirements. Each had their own little changes and idiosyncrasies.

To be fair, a lot of this stemmed from poor support from the browser for more modern techniques. Then CSS3, Javascript classes, modules, and components, and all it’s like came along. I find that I’m enjoying just building web apps using the base tech that is fairly well supported across modern browsers. No need to learn a complicated build configuration. No need to install yet another custom framework scaffolding tool/build tool/package manager. Just write the app and refresh the browser.

Then again, maybe I’m just getting old and cranky! :)



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