The tools used for editing code, and the reasons behind them, are usually very personal. If you are suggesting that someone cannot be productive with Vim, Emac, and their ilk, I would say that assertion is off-base. I've used everything from Eclipse, VS Code, VS, JetBrains, to Sublime, and more. All of these have had their pros and cons. I have never felt better about my code editing experience than I do today in Vim.

My reasons are personal, of course. I used JetBrains Goland for quite a while before switching to Vim. JetBrains was great, as it certainly made some tasks like Go debugging fairly painless. I left it, though, because of performance. I got tired of JetBrains hogging up a lot of memory, and occsionally being slow. Vim solved those problems for me. Is step debugging more difficult with Vim/command line? Yes it is. But I've adapted. In the end, personally, I'm happy and productive in Vim because everything else in the experience, meaning loading code, code completion, and editing, is fast. And that's important to me.

In conclusion I would say that any editor where you can be productive and feel happy in is an editor meant for development.



Just a guy who loves his wife, kids, and writing software.

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